"Feed them!"


(previously known as "Pack them with love!")

During the school year bags of food are sent home with hungry children every single Friday! Most of these children would go hungry during the weekend considering the only meals they receive are the ones they eat at school! We send home extra food during the Holidays/school breaks. We also feed children during the summer. During the school year we feed 300 to 500 children every Friday. That's over 5000 food items per week, at a cost of over $1,500.00 a week. We add children weekly! Please donate, even if its just one item, it helps! 


Have you ever been truly hungry and you did not know where your next bite would come from? When you help "Sidney's Safe!" Foundation feed hungry children in our community you are doing something a lot bigger than just 
donating food. You are planting the seeds of Gods unconditional love in children and adults! Most of the children we serve have a parent or parents that are mentally ill, an addict or in a physically abusive relationship. They witness unimaginable things every day. Hunger is the last thing they need to worry about. You are changing lives by donating a jar of peanut butter. The fact that a stranger cared enough to help , may change their entire life one day. We just don't realize what this actually means to them. We pray because of these bags they come to know Jesus Christ!

These children are in The Shoals area. They are in class with YOURS. This causes problems for them every day, they are in pain, they can't concentrate, it makes them feel angry etc. !



canned Pasta (Raviolis, Spaghetti & Meatballs), jars of peanut butter, boxes of powdered Mac & Cheese and instant oatmeal! 

Please see DONATIONS page for more info!